About Us

R&R Animal Rescue is a relatively new nonprofit organization. We are a family run rescue, and truly love what we do. Our mission started when we first rescued our two tea cup Maltese baby boys. One of the boys, Rocky, was used in the film industry, and appeared in a TV show. During the filming process, he was severely mistreated, and deeply traumatized. Once we got him into our care, we just fell in love, and he continued living with us for the next eleven years. At roughly the same time, we got another tea cup Maltese boy, Rambo, who was born to a breeder, but had physical differences, making the breeder no longer want him. Rambo was born the smallest, and the last, and he also had out-turned feet, at times, making walking slightly challenging. The boys grew to be a part of our family, and we truly couldn’t imagine our lives without them. After loosing both of them, within two months of each other, Rocky to cancer, and Rambo to a stroke, we were beyond heartbroken. The only thing that came close to mending our hearts, was to saving the lives of other dogs, just like the boys saved our lives. We started this rescue to continue their legacy of love, care, forgiveness, and commitment to the fight for success. We love and dearly miss our beautiful Rocky and Rambo, but we hope that the work we are currently doing is continuing their mission of love.

Rest In Peace our angelic boys!

Meet Rocky


Meet Rocky