Become a flight volunteer!

We are always looking for flight volunteers! As an international rescue, we are constantly bringing animals from Europe, Asia, and Africa to various locations within the United States; however, the process is much easier when the animal is being “accompanied” by a passenger. Being a flight volunteer is a very easy and rewarding process! The animal(s) are attached to your ticket as extra baggage, and we cover all of the fees, and take care of all of the paperwork. Prior to your flight, a representative from R&R will briefly go over the paperwork with you, and then you will head on your way to the airport! Once there, a volunteer will meet you with the animal, help load the animal into the baggage area, and help you with anything else you might need. Then proceed to your flight, sit back and relax. Enjoy a cup of coffee, and a movie while knowing that you’re doing a great deed! Upon your arrival in the United States, just claim the animal from the baggage claim, and roll them out with the rest of your baggage. Another volunteer will meet you inside your terminal and pick up the animal! If there is any other assistance that you need, just let the volunteer know, and they will happily help you out!

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