Special Needs


Mixed Breed

Youth - Male
Adoptable Small Spayed/Neutered Up-to-date with routine shots House trained

Meet Malysh, he is a disable dog located in Boston under the care of our rescue partners BigLittleLifeRescue. He is about 2.5 years old. He lives in very poor conditions, in an area of Russia with no resources. He was found in a ditch, on a four-lane speedway, with a crushed spine. Barely alive. Not clear how long he was lying there, unable to move, but still clinging to life…He is so gentle and so grateful for any scrap of attention. Sweet, quiet, unassuming boy. sweet, gentle, and socialized. Malysh loves everyone. Just thankful to be alive. Malysh could have a perfectly happy, healthy life. He just needs the right care.

He has a displaced fracture in the spine. the spine fractured at the lower part and its displacement moved the blooded and damaged nerve endings. As a result Malysh cannot control the urine flow. He confirmed urinal dermatitis and prescribed all the necessary medications to help clear it out. These areas also need to be cleaned regularly and closely watched to ensure that once everything starts healing the scarring does not block the opening where the urine flows from to avoid another surgery. Please help us with Malysh’s recovery.